Workshop on Upscaling Renewable Energy Financial Model for SMEs


Workshop on Upscaling
Renewable Energy Financial Model for SMEs

Solar Power & Rooftops for SMEs 

Challenges and Solutions
6th September 2018, Thursday
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre, Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad

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  • A Very Special Workshop to discuss challenges SMEs face in Installing Solar Rooftops.
  • Inform SMEs about latest Technologies in Solar Power Rooftops.
  • New Financial Solutions, Credit availability, ESCO and RESCO Models.
  • Net Cost and ROI.
  • Remain updated to take informed decision.
WRI India along with IamSME of India is organising “Upscaling Renewable Energy Financial Model for SMEs” to explore ways to enhance the growth of clean energy procurement and deployment by businesses in India, and to overcome barriers that limit this.India has undertaken ambitious clean energy targets and developed multiple renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. While there has been impressive growth in achieving some of these targets, significant barriers continue to inhibit a higher level of adoption and deployment of clean energy.The workshop seeks to discuss some of these barriers and find solutions for the same. For instance, the Green Power Market Development Group initiative has been working closely with commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers to help them procure and install renewable energy, on-site and off-site, including by using the open access route envisaged in the Electricity Act, 2003.The conference will look at the financial issues to better understand what SME consumers have been doing currently, understand case studies for successful procurement of clean energy, what are the needs of SMEs, Financial Models for SMEs, and what challenges remain for procurement.


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The program is for all: Institutions, Commercial Building Owners, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Professionals


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