Why SAW Welding is Beneficial ?

Submerged Arc welding is a wire-fed process typically used with carbon steels, stainless steels and some nickel alloys, and it is best suited for materials that are 1/2-inch to 5-inches thick. It’s a common misconception that SAW is only for thick metals, however. It can be used to weld material as thin as 3/16-inch thick, by accounting for travel speed and heat input to avoid burn-through.

 ( Submerged Arc welding)

In SAW, a granular flux is used to protect the arc from the atmosphere; the Submerged Arc name refers to the fact that the arc itself is buried in the flux. The arc is not visible when parameters are correctly set and the layer of flux is sufficient.

The wire is fed through a torch that moves along the weld joint. The arc heat melts a portion of wire, flux and base material to form a molten weld pool. In this area, all important functions of the flux — degassing, deoxidizing and alloying — take place. Behind the arc, molten flux and metal freeze to form a slag-covered weld bead. When the welding process is correctly set, the slag should come off easily. Because of the necessity of the flux coverage, the SAW process is limited to the flat and horizontal positions.   

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