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29 Sep - 29 Sep 2018
Business Risks- What are the New-age Business Risks, How to Assess, Minimise and Cover Financial losses




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Workshop on Understanding the New-Age Business Risks-
How to minimise & Cover Risks!

New-Age Business Risks
How to AssessMinimise and Cover

29th September 2018, Saturday
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre, Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad
Followed by Lunch


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Rajiv Chawla, Chairman IamSMEofIndia writes:
"The present times are the times for Emerging India. The best thing is that we are surrounded by immense opportunities and amazing possibilities. India is taking the new shape because of the enterprising spirit of its people, be it Students, Sportsmen, Professionals, Corporates, Banks, Institutions or Government. Everyone seems to be engaged in building the New India of our dreams, the dreams of 1.3 billion strong nation. 

More than 60 million Micro Small and Medium Enterprises have a major role in building this New India. We are the backbone of our economy. We are changing, evolving with times and investing in new Technologies, NewBusiness ideas, R&D, Innovations, in new age Opportunities like Aerospace &  Defence Manufacturing, Growing, expanding our markets from domestic to global... much more! 

Every penny that MSMEs invest comes either from our precious limited personal resources or the debt that we raise by mortgaging our, our ancestors' and family's past, present and future, barring those covered under CGTMSE. One wrong step and the dreams of present and future generations may crash and break irreparably. Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonalds said, "If you are not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of Business."


We agree that Entrepreneurs need to take calculated and informed risks. But, while one may risk one's own fortunes in one's own dream, what right do we have in mortgaging the future of our Spouse, Parents, Siblings, Children in one single venture that may be jeopardised by just one cyber attack or hacking or change in technology or consumer preference, import or dumping, levy or relaxation of any one single tax rate, any non-compliance, breach of law or any new compliance or law that Govt or any Honourable Court may lay, a brain or heart-stroke or detection of cancer or even just a bite of a mosquito or any single accident of self or in workplace, nature's fury or man-made, intentional or out of negligence or even ignorance. The risks that Small Entrepreneurs face are many and have multifold impact, because with each downfall or loss, the impact is shared by everyone in the family whose future is mortgaged to various Financial Institutions and Creditors who have funded the Entrepreneur's dream.

Is there any structured mechanism to assess these risks and then minimisethese to avoid and prevent? And in case of any unfortunate circumstances, can these risks be covered? At least financially. While loss of business, life, injuries may take a long time to heal emotionally and physically, can, at least,financial and economic impact of such a happening be covered totally? How toassessminimise and cover through proper and timely planning, for self, family and future generations? These and many more questions come to our mind. Because if financial risks can be covered, an entrepreneur may gain more confidence and take bold steps.

Expert Speakers from Aviva, the Preferred Life Insurance Partner of IamSMEofIndia, shall throw light and share solutions.
Mark this Session as 
Who knows what the destiny demands tomorrow and from Whom?"

-Rajive Chawla, Chairman, IamSMEofIndia

Highlights & Takeaways:

·  A Very Special Workshop to discuss Risks

·  How we can assessminimise and cover business risks

·  New Financial Solutions

·  Remain updated to take informed decision

Proud to say IamSMEofIndia 

Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation


29 Sep - 29 Sep 2018
11:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.


11, Mathura Rd, Block B, Sector 11,
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 121006

Business Risks- What are the New-age Business Risks, How to Assess, Minimise and Cover Financial losses
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 121006



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