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15 Sep - 15 Sep 2018
Transform your Sales Force into Sales Warriors- Part-II




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Transform your Sales Force into Sales Warriors- Part-II

How to make Winning a Habit for your Sales Teams

15th September 2018, Saturday
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre, Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad
Only 30 Seats
REGISTRATION FEE: Rs.2,000/- plus GST per person
SMS 'Sales Force Part 2 - Your email id' to 9711123111

  • Advanced level Training to Entrepreneurs and Senior Sales Managers to Build winning Sales Teams
  •  How to set Goals, Targets
  • How to motivate and incentivise Sales Force
  • How to build a Team where Winning becomes a habit

Sales Leadership Program shall help Individual executives understand and differentiate the critical roles they must play as both leaders and managers and be passionate about the personal and professional growth to be experienced as they lead their teams. Through highly customized activities and exercises, participants apply to their own organizations the five critical success factors for leadership:

  1. Effectively prepare for a sales meeting by defining desired objectives and outcomes.
  2. Frame your sales conversations to ensure the interaction with your client gets off to a strong start.
  3. Use effective questioning skills to engage your clients in meaningful conversations about their needs, objectives and drivers.
  4. Articulate the value of your product, service or solution.
  5. Obtain a commitment from your client to take the next step towards a successful outcome (e.g. a proposal, meeting again to discuss solutions in more detail, closing the deal).

This program for sales Leaders/Business Owner is highly interactive and results-oriented —participants will create a focused, compelling a Sales strategy to communicate to the team and to Clients , set “game plan” goals and objectives for the team by which success can bemeasured, learn a Model for managing change as well as how to deal with objection handling with Clients, and develop strategies to inspire team members to live in the Stretch Zone and continuously exceed expectations for clients as well as themselves.

Managers who begin the day as task-focused “doers” will end the day better prepared to also be leaders who think about the “big picture” and inspire others to follow their example.

Business Outcomes of the Sales Leadership Training Program

  • Develop inspirational leaders who inspire stronger, more synergistic, goal-oriented sales teams
  • Capture the imagination of your buyers by helping them see their New Reality
  • Demonstrate the impact and return on investment of your offerings
  • Understand buyers and buying, including how to sell to the 6 buyer personas
  • Increase wins ratios
  • Maximize cross-selling and up-selling
  • Select the closing technique that suits the client and deal.

Learning Objectives of the Sales Leadership Training Program

  • Enable sales Leaders /Business owners to achieve breakthrough results by developing both a measurement and a coaching process to create an environment of continuous improvement and development in Sales Strategy
  • Inspire passion and commitment among sales managers for their leadership role
  • Develop a Sales Vision to support the organizational vision to clarify goals, inspire the

team, and set the direction for the future.

  • Differentiate Leadership and Management and understand the critical role both play

in building a high-performance sales team

  • Provide a forum for sharing best practices among sales managers


Case Studies and Role-plays: Sellers engage in customized role-play scenarios based on sales situations they typically face.

Customized Tools: The Sales Conversation Planner is tailored to be relevant to your organization and sales dynamics.

Supporting – Activity, Videos, Role play exercise

Proud to say IamSMEofIndia 


15 Sep - 15 Sep 2018
9:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.


IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre
B1/21, Sector-11, Main Mathura Road
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 121006

Transform your Sales Force into Sales Warriors- Part-II
B1/21, Sector-11, Main Mathura Road
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 121006



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Let's buy together for the Best Deals!
Huge Savings, Convenience and Complete peace of mind for all

• Raw materials
• Office Equipment
• Industrial consumables
• Electricals, Motors, Lights
• construction materials
Capital Goods, machinery, Testing Equipments
• IT Hardware & Softwares,
• Housekeeping & Manpower Sourcing
• Anything and everything we need!

Next Meeting of Special Procurement Group- SPG:
21st September 2018, Friday
3.00pm - 4.30pm
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre, Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad

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2 days ago

I am SME of India

IamSMEofIndia presents
Industry 4.0 Cell
Get ready for the Future!
Automate, Integrate with Industry 4.0

Experts on Industry 4.0 shall be with us. Meet them, discuss, take them to your site, explore automation and next-generation possibilities.

Creation of Special Cell for Industry 4.0
20th September 2018, Thursday
3.00pm - 4.30pm
IamSMEofIndia Habitat Centre, Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad

If you wish to join, please SMS "Industry 4.0 - your email id" to 9711123111
This meeting is exclusively for Entrepreneurs.
Please DO NOT nominate Employees without prior approval
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5 days ago

I am SME of India

#iamSMEofIndia wishes you a very Happy Vishwakarma Puja

Lord Vishwakarma is the divine craft man, sculptor, and architect of the Gods and also the creator of the universe.
May Lord Vishwakarma always bless you.
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