To tackle the menace of Stuck Payments of Small Businesses by helping them recover long Pending and stuck payments.

The issue of ‘Long Delays and Stuck Payments’ is common and affects lot of businesses. It continues to be a major concern for small businesses, impacting their growth. It is also considered as one of the major causes of sickness for a small enterprise.

While delays in payment are almost a norm in our market conditions and issue is best left to buyers and suppliers so as to ensure business continuity in harmony, the issue becomes serious in case of undue harassment, no payment and discontinuation of business.

To help our members recover their lost/stuck payments, inform them about various safeguards, show them various legal measures, make them aware of latest laws and show them simple roadmap that they can follow and recover long-heldup and stuck payments, we have set up a Special Payment Recovery Cell for MSMEs at IamSMEofIndia.

Eminent lawyers and Professionals with experience in this area have agreed to join this Cell and shall passionately work in this direction, helping our members recover their dead/ stuck payments, wherever possible.

In the recent past, Team IamSMEofIndia has helped many Small Enterprises in recovery of payments. However, this issue deserves more attention and, therefore, this Special Cell has been constituted.

This is a major Project for us at IamSMEofIndia and we shall keep our members updated on its achievements and activities.

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