Addonn Polycompounds-Technology

With vast experience of 28 years our focus has been on the latest technology and development in the industry across the globe.
The processing of engineering plastics puts high demands on the compounding process. Because of their excellent mixing properties and gentle product handling, CO-ROTATING TWIN SCREW Extruder  are particularly suitable for compounding tasks.
ADDONN is established as Value Compounding dealing in  specialty, high-value added polymer compounding services and solutions  in the thermoplastics industry.
ADDONN  technologies and equipment are engineered to produce thermoplastic compounds specific to most resins. By testing  every compound through each stage of production, our fully-equipped  testing lab ensures a quality product. 
Thanks to strict and systematic checkings, highly sophisticated & most  recent methods & equipment, ADDONN ensures that its products are in  accordance with customer’s specifications and with the applicable  legislation.

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