Our Story

IamSMEofIndia, is a Not-for-Profit Institution created and run by SME entrepreneurs to facilitate and promote the growth and development of Small businesses across India through various services like credit facilitation, Technology transfer, Skill development, Energy Efficiency, Lean Manufacturing, International Exhibitions & Trainings, Best Practices sharing, Strategic Sourcing, Export-Import Facilitation, Solar Power, Sustainability, Risk Management etc.

Mission/ Vision: To become a self-sustaining One-stop solution Center for growth, promotion, excellence and competitiveness of existing and aspiring MSMEs by providing guided roadmap and tried, tested, credible, affordable and ready-made solutions to enable them save time, energy and costs.

Some of Our Important Programs :

  • MISSION 100+ : For MSMEs aiming at 100+ Cr mark within 1 to 3 years?
  • MISSION 5X : For All Businesses Preparing to Grow Five Times within 2 Years
  • High Growth Stimulation Program for Visionary Entrepreneurs : Scale-Up your Business from Average to Great!
  • SAMARPIT (समर्पित) – Shopfloor Arrangement Management Automation Re-layout Planning Innovation & Transformation : 3-month Program to enhance Shopfloor Productivity & Profit Enhancement, Advice on Plant Layout, Automation and much more!