New *Guaranteed Programs to help SMEs Transform Businesses from Ordinary to Great!

INTRODUCING- New *Guaranteed Programs to help SMEs Transform Businesses from Ordinary to Great!

How often in the past you’ve joined an improvement Program, engaged a consultant or coach, paid for expensive Design Softwares and ERPs, Hired senior professionals to help you implement, invested large sums and yet the efforts either failed or results are only partial or fraction of what was envisaged?

Have you felt demoralised, dejected and a bit sceptical of spending again or trying again on these tools?

This year, we wish to add one more commitment to our services- *GUARANTEED.
So we want to bring to you Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable, Ready-made and Guaranteed Solutions.

We’re bringing some remarkably outstanding, Very different and Impactful Programs to help you achieve super excellence & great success.
And we’re so sure sure about the positive impact of these programs that we’re going to protect you with Fee *Guarantee. Of Course, there shall be some terms, conditions and commitments from the user side.

We’ll also be highly subsidising some of these Programs.

So here we are.
We’re introducing some special programs (including ERP Implementation) where if you don’t benefit or achieve pre-defined results, IamSMEofIndia will bear your cost by refunding the fee you’ve paid for such programs which are *Guaranteed by IamSMEofIndia.
You have nothing to lose, everything to learn and gain from.

“It’s easy to make money. We’re confident you do.
It’s difficult to make a difference. So we take that upon ourselves and prepare you for the same.”

Proud to say IamSMEofIndia??

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