New Categories for Industries announced by Pollution Control Board

New Categorization for Industries
Based upon Pollution potential announced by Central Pollution Control Board
Applicable across India

There shall be four categories of Industries:
Red, Orange, Green and White (This is a new Category)

All categories, except White, shall need to Apply for Consent to Operate to respective State Pollution Control Boards. Industries in White Category need not apply for any Consent to operate and shall only inform through self-declaration.

We’re pleased to inform that the Govt. has accepted many of our suggestions based upon continuous dialogue, deliberations and meetings held over the last 2 years.

Many Industries earlier falling in Red or Orange now re-classified as Orange or Green.

This has been a major demand raised by IamSMEofIndia which has been accepted. Many Industries nowadays use new Modern, Green Technologies and are now less polluting. So the re-classification.

For Example,
All types of Heat Treatments earlier were in Red Category. In the new classification, Only Heat Treatment using cyanide bath are be in Red Category. Heat Treatments using Oil Fired Furnace (Without Cyanide) are in Orange Category and Heat Treatment with any of the new technology like ultrasound probe, induction hardening, ionization beam, gas carburizing etc. shall fall in Green Category.

There are many important changes that every Industry must know, understand and follow. Over the next few months, we see lot of challenges at the grass-root level and how the Govt. Agencies and State Pollution Control Boards implement these changes and whether it’ll be friendly and advisory or ruthless and arrogant.

Of course, there’ll be some difficulty for Orange and Red Category Industries presently located in Non-Conforming areas. Let’s see if State Pollution Control Boards renew their Consents and whether those who apply for the first time are granted. These and many more challenges now confront us, specially the MSMEs, as many guidelines are not yet clear.

States shall need to be sensitive and may need to issue clear notifications, guidelines or advisories to SPCBs on whether to issue Consent to Operate to existing Industries located in non-conforming areas but are complying with prescribed treatment.

Some States have been following support policy for Micro and Small Industries as those falling in Green Category were exempted from filing applications for Consent to Operate. I hope this policy continues. Since, as per the new CPCB guidelines, Micro & Small Enterprises are also required to apply for Consent even if they are in Green Category, we appeal to all State Governments to grant Consent to Operate to such existing Micro & Small Industries in Green Categories, though not located in non-conforming areas. Alternately, areas where there is large density of industries, but not yet declared as Industrial areas in the existing master plans, such areas be declared as Industrial Zones and Master Plans be revised on the basis of actual ground-level situation and usage. This is important to ensure continuity of lakhs of MSEs and millions employed there.

We suggest that all Industries:

  1. Immediately Check in which Category your industry falls (Red, Orange, Green or White)
  2. Check whether you need to Apply for Consent to Operate
  3. Check whether the State Pollution Control Board would renew existing Consents or quash the consents on the basis of your unit’s location (Some Policies may differ from State to State)
  4. Check whether you need to relocate your unit in short or medium term (Depending upon the State Policy)

We suggest that all Industries, especially our members, remain in continuous and regular communication with us so that we all remain updated on the latest in this regard and we share and learn from difficulties others are facing/ have faced, so that lessons can be learnt and mistakes not repeated.

Please do share with us any difficulty you face so that we can advise and intervene in time to avoid ugly situations

Your feedback, experiences, suggestions and involvement shall keep us well informed and we shall keep interacting with State as well as Central Pollution Control Boards to highlight the issues and seek remedies and solutions to minimize the mitigation and help in “Ease of Doing Business” with Zero Effect motto.

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