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Clear-ion stand for the highest standards of quality & integrity in business of Water, Waste Water & Air Pollution Control Systems.
Clear-ion manufacturing facility with state of art is located in FARIDABAD (HARYANA), which has close proximity to DELHI.
Established in 1996 at Faridabad, Well Equipped Infrastructure, Strong Research & Development Activities, Following Approved Quality Methods. Our company certifiy by NSIC/SSI/MSME/ISO/CE/D&B and IAAPI


Water Softneing Plants

Manufacturer & Supplier of Water Softenin...

Sewage Treatment Plant

Manufactuer & Supplier of STP 

Cyclone Dust Collector

Manufactuer & Supplier of Cyclone Dust Co...

Bag Filters

Manufactuer & Supplier of Bag Filters&nbs...

Wet Scrubber

Manufacturer and Supplier of Wet Scrubber

Fume Extraction Systems

Manufactuer & Supplier of Fume Extraction...

Hepa Filters

Manufactuer & Supplier of Hepa Filters

Lamella Clarifier

Manufacturer and Supplier of Lamella Clarifie...

Industrial Centrifuges

Manufactuer & Supplier of Industrial Cent...

Filter Press

Manufactuer & Supplier of Filter Press

Oil Skimmers

We provide oil skimmers for all kind of oily ...

Circular Clarifiers

Manufactuer & Supplier of Circular Clarif...

Effluent Treatment Plant

Manufactuer & Supplier of ETP

Wadding Pool

We are a leading designer and developer of Wa...

Swimming Pool Filtration Plant

Manufactuer & Supplier of Swimming Pool F...

Outdoor Fountains

Manufacturer & Supplier of Outdoor Founta...

Water Amusement Park

Leading designer and developer of Water Park

Kids Water Amusement Park

Manufactuer & Supplier of Kids Water Amus...

Packaged Type Sewage Treatment Plant

Manufactuer & Supplier of Packaged STP

Mineral Water Plants

Manufactuer & Supplier of MWP

Demineralization Plant

Manufacturer & Supplier of DM Plant

Iron Removal Filter

Manufacturer & Supplier of Filters

Ultra Filtration Systems

Manufacturer & Supplier of UF Systems

Activated Carbon Filters

Manufacturer & Suplier of ACF

Water Treatment Plants

Manufacturer and Suplier of WTP

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Manufacturer and Suplier of R.O. Plant





KK Sharma

Website: member/ clear-ion-experts-pvt-ltd

Address: Plot No. 28 Sector 24 Faridabad, Faridabad
Haryana, India - 121005