GAPS: Growth Acceleration Program for Small Businesses

Conceived and introduced by IamSMEofIndia, it is the MOST HOLISTIC, COMPLETE and highly advanced Growth Acceleration Program for Small Businesses (GAPS). 

This 2 year long program works with selected SMEs that wish to grow fast. It takes them through a well-defined process to Transform them into Corporates. A Team of Specialists start with Assessment of the present position, Business Strategy & Plan Finalisation, Implementation in 10 most critical areas including Business Process Restructuring, Core Operations Improvisation, Productivity Enhancement, Financial Strength & Credit linkages, Risk Assessments & mitigation, Team building and development, compliances etc. with Monthly Review and Monitoring to ensure best results. The program brings in various Savings, Financial Subsidies and Support worth millions of rupees for the participating SME from different Institutions and Governments and through cost savings.

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