Exporters’ Meet: Alternative Sources of Finance for Exporters

IamSMEofIndia and EEPC
Exporters’ Meet
Alternative Sources of Finance for Exporters

24th October 2018, Wednesday
6.30 pm – 8.00pm
Radisson Blu, Faridabad

Followed by Cocktails & Dinner
Entry only by Pre-Registration & Confirmation
SMS “Exporters Meet” to 9711123111 
Registration Fee: NIL for Members of EEPC and IamSMEofIndia
Non-member: Rs.1,000/- plus GST (Total 1,180/-)

The biggest financial limitation for most import and export SMEs is access to working capital. The cash flow and credit decisions associated with import and export transactions can be complicated – especially when the company is growing and booking larger orders.

If your company imports goods, you will have to deal with foreign suppliers that want to be pre-paid using a letter of credit. This can be a challenge for smaller companies because most banks and financial institutions – who guarantee the L/C – will only open one on your behalf if you can post collateral as security. Collateral can be in the form of cash, or by allowing them to debit a line of credit for the full amount of the LOC.

If your company is exporting goods, or providing services internationally, you will have to deal with companies who demand payment terms. That means they will pay your invoices in four to eight weeks. This can place a strain on your cash flow, because you must be able to cover your expenses while waiting for payment. Additionally, offering credit to foreign companies increases the potential for slow payment or delinquencies.

Traditional debt route through banks and lending institutions may not offer best solutions as more often than not, they fund only of you have ample collateral and a long track record. This leaves most entrepreneurs and exporters stranded looking for alternative sources and options.

This session brings in Finance Experts who shall share various options & sources of Alternative Finance that exporters can access.


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