Do you know… ?
Which Institutions offer you:
• The fastest loan?
• The Lowest rates of interest?
• The Collateral-free loan?
• Loan for Startups?
• Loan for expansion of existing business?
• Is it possible to borrow more than the value of Collateral?
• Which is the best for you- PSU/ Private/ Foreign Bank or NBFCs?
• Should you avail of loans only from one bank or from multiple sources?
• If you avail of loan from a Bank and your property is with them as Collateral security, can you simultaneously borrow from another bank?
• Are you eligible for loan more than Collateral Value?
• If you have OD/ CC limits from a Bank (against Stocks + Receivables), can you avail of Bills Discounting/ Factoring/ Advance against Purchase Bill from another Institution?
• What are the types of loans available for MSMEs?
• Which type of loan is most suitable for you?
• Is it possible to raise funds against your Property in Colonies/ non-conforming areas?
• Do banks/ institutions give loans to units located in non-conforming areas?
• How can you help your Workmen, Supervisors raise home loans for low-cost Housing without your liability or guarantee, and help them permanently settle and turn into your loyal, long term workforce?
• Is there any subsidy or discount on interest rates for MSMEs?
• Are there any Incentives or Subsidies for MSMEs?
• What are the Alternative Sources of Finance for MSMEs?
• What is the best fund raising Strategy for your business?
• In case the payment gets stuck, which is the fastest way to recover? What are the chances of recovery? In the present legal system, how much time does it take? Weeks, months or years?

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