Create Your Chapter

IamSMEofIndia invites you to form a geography-specific chapter for your area. If you think there can be 30 plus companies which will benefit by becoming a member of IamSMEofIndia, please get in touch with us and we will provide the required support, both in terms of knowledge and finance to help you set up the Chapter. Some specific benefits of forming a local chapter are:

  • MSMEs in your area will get up to 75 % finance on sponsored activities.
  • Being a Local leader, you and the members will be able to drive the activities and schemes which will be beneficial to your area and the type of business activities conducted there.
  • You will be part of the National Advisory board of IamSMEofIndia, and hence would be able to influence the decision making to benefit your local area.
  • All benefits, services and partnerships formed by the national body get extended to all the members of the local chapter.

Send your request…. Feel the Pride!

Integrated Association of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises of India (IamSMEofIndia)
Email: +91-9711123111