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From the desk of the Chairman & Founder IamSMEofIndia

Rajive Chawla, Chairman & Founder, IamSMEofIndia

Dear friends,

The countdown to the beginning of new Financial Year has begun.
Are you going to make it any different?

It is said, "If you continue to do the same things the same way you have been doing till now, you will NOT get different results".


So what are your plans?
How are you going to make the new Financial year better than the previous?

At IamSMEofIndia, we have prepared a 10-step roadmap for ourselves to support our members. We believe that this well-defined defined 10-step approach should enable our members grow exponentially.

Over the next 3 weeks, we’re doing a
Series of Six programs that are MUST attend for all entrepreneurs.
If it were possible, I would have made it mandatory for all to attend.
Entrepreneurs are decision makers.
They decide to do.
They also decide not to do.
Based upon these decisions, they get results they deserve.
That’s what Entrepreneurship means-
"Facing financial results of own decisions".
Results are Guaranteed.
Good or Bad, is outcome of our own decisions.

So we suggest that you decide for yourself.

Financial Impact of Supreme Court judgement on establishments covered in PF
• Calculation of Liabilities of Employers Contribution + Employees Share that establishments failed to deduct + Interest + Penalty
• Whether Effective from retrospective effect and 
• impact on future liabilities like Gratuity etc.
The above program was held on 25th March 2019.


The Final Countdown
What every entrepreneur must do and check on or before 31st March, before the Financial Year ends. Held yesterday, it was an eye opener.

Several examples illustrated how some entrepreneurs may end up creating more liabilities than profits if they don’t take corrective measures specially related to financial compliances like GST. 

For example, an entrepreneur in our city is now liable to pay Rs.1.82 crore because of Payment of GST in wrong head, which, under the present rules, can’t be reversed. Another city entrepreneur was arrested yesterday in an alleged GST evasion of about Rs.8 Crore. There are umpteen other cases of business done in the last one year without eway bills or with mistakes like, Materials delivered later than eway validity. Such cases are many.

I believe that all businesses that remain ignorant shall face serious challenges in coming times on account mistakes in GST and PF. These liabilities shall come after a few months or maybe after a few years, as and when audits or scrutiny happen. By then, liabilities would only increase due to interest & penalties. 

Please note that the Government Systems are now almost foolproof. Artificial Intelligence is the key factor that ensures no noncompliance can go unnoticed.

I foresee many businesses facing severe financial problems or even closures and bankruptcies due to above mentioned noncompliances, whether intentional or out of ignorance.

Ignorance is no more bliss. It is the ‘Dengue’ or ‘Swine Flu’ of business. Can be fatal too, but certainly leaves you drained, even if you survive.

For your support, we’ve opened a few help desks on GST, Legal & Business Advice, Payment Recovery, Placement & HR. These work on all 6 days a week.

Program 3:
We call this program "MISSION POSSIBLE"

"Vision without action is a dream.
Action without vision is a nightmare." -
Chinese Proverb

Actions, based upon Clear Vision and well-defined Plan make the impossible possible.

Therefore, the first step towards great success is to have a very clear vision, goals and supporting strategy. Unfortunately,  more than 90% SMEs remain at the mercy of external factors beyond their control and only struggle amidst uncertainties and remain contented with organic growth because they are not working pro-actively to build inner strengths, capacities, capabilities and risk mitigation, mainly because they do not have defined and documented business goals and thus, no clear roadmap.
We believe that IamSMEofIndia members deserve big business growth.
We also want our members to enter the new financial year 2019-20 with a clear vision, defined goals and strategy with full throttle and grow exponentially. 

To make the impossible possible, to make every member grow faster, we bring to your door-step, a great opportunity.

We shall organise a very Special workshop which shall help you discover;

  • Your limiting beliefs about business growth
  • The purpose and vision of your business
  • The Long term, medium term and short-term goals.
  • Supporting strategies to achieve identified goals
  • Areas of strengths and weakness in your business by scientific Business diagnostic tool

We shall organise this workshop on three different dates. So our members can choose the date that is suitable to them.
5thApril 2019, Friday
9thApril 2019, Tuesday
16thApril 2019, Tuesday

Time: 9.30am-5.00pm
Venue: Hotel Radisson Blu, Faridabad

We have planned three workshops so that all members can enroll as per their own availability and convenience and not miss this great start at the beginning of the Financial Year.

Who can attend:
Entrepreneurs/ Founders/ Co-Founders/ Directors/ Owners/ CEO/ Top Management/ Key-persons/ Second Generation of Leadership.

The workshops shall be conducted by our member and well known Business Transformation Coach Mr. Rakesh Sharma.

Workshop fee:
We have brought many of our Services under our GUARANTEED RESULTS CLAUSE, which means, No Results, No Fee.

We are covering this workshop also under the GUARANTEED RESULTS CLAUSE.

If you are Satisfied with the results, pay Rs.2,500/- + GST (Covering only the basic Cost of Lunch, Tea and Hotel Charges)
If you are Not satisfied with the results, we shall pay you
Compensation of Rs.5,000/- for your time, presence and participation. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Only condition is that you should have arrived in time at 9.30am and participated in the program till close.

The above Fee Structure is for only one participant per Member Establishment.

For additional member from the same establishment, Fee shall be Rs.5,000/- plus GST.

To support Outstation Members, we shall provide the Complimentary Stay.
Prior Registration and Confirmation is MUST.

To Register, SMS "Mission Possible - Selected Date - your email id" to 9711123111 or email to

Program 4
We shall focus on Energy Efficiency and Go-Green Movement in 2019-20. We have made a detailed road-map for this year.
1. On 18th of April 2019, we shall honour and felicitate all SMEs that joined and completed the Energy Efficiency Program in Faridabad Cluster
2. In 2019-20, we shall bring the right Technologies at lowest costs under our Collective Buying Program to support all manufacturing SMEs and also establishments with high energy Bills.
3. We shall further support eligible members through re-imbursement of 50% of their investment in Energy Efficient Equipments & new Technologies, subject to a maximum of Rs.20 lakh per member.
4. We shall organise Swachh-Shree Awards under our Go-Green Movement in October 2019 to recognise and honour MSMEs that participate and accomplish in any of the following nine verticals:
i) Tree-Plantations
ii) Adoption of Areas for Cleanliness
iii) Become Digital/ Paperless
iv) Adopt Energy-Efficient Technologies
v) Build/ Convert to Green Buildings
vi) Join Lean Manufacturing Program
vii) Achieve Zero Effect Zero Defect (ZeD) Certification
viii) Work on Water conservation, Ground Water Conservation
ix) Solid Waste Management.

Program 5
We decided last year that IamSMEofIndia shall add Rs.20,000 crore to the nation's GDP within 3 years.
To achieve this objective, we launched the following two very ambitious flagship Programs:
Mission 100+ (Handhold and mentor 100 SMEs to Rs.100 crore Turnover)
Mission 5X (Handhold and mentor 100 MSMEs to grow 5 Times in 2 years)

I'm extremely happy to share that the results have been miraculous.

On 23rd of April 2019, we shall showcase the Entrepreneurs who joined the Mission 5X last April, their achievements and progress during the year.

We are now starting enrolment for the new batches of Mission 100+ and Mission 5X. 

The participation in Mission 100+ and Mission 5X is on the basis of your Application, Interview and Selection. These Programs also fall under our Guaranteed Results Clause which means, No results, No Fee. On the contrary, we bring Financial Incentives, savings and subsidies worth lakhs of Rupees to the participants of these programs. 

To Register, SMS 'Mission 100+ - your email id" to 9711123111
"Mission 5X - your email id" to 9711123111
write to

Program 6
IDEATHON 2019- Startup Expo, Showcasing and connecting them to the Angel, Venture and Startup Funds.

Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can, you can".

Let me only add that in a classroom, same teacher, from the same book, at the same time, the same place, teaches the same lesson to many students. Still, some fail, many only pass and few score distinction and top honours.

It's time you decide, which category you shall belong to in this world of competitive entrepreneurship and survival of the fittest and nimble.

May you begin the change you want to be.

With warm regards,

Rajive Chawla

Proud to say IamSMEofIndia 


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