It all started in August, 2013 when a team of entrepreneurs and other officials from Bangladesh visited the office of IamSMEofIndia as a part of the government sponsored delegation. The team went back very satisfied and expressed their desire to learn more about the Best Practices from IamSMEofIndia. This gave birth to an event on “SME Development: Role of an Effective SME Association” with the objective of sharing knowledge and best practices with SME Associations of Bangladesh.

IamSMEofIndia Delegation to Bangladesh in December, 2014

In December, 2014 on a special invitation from BIBM, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, a High Level delegation of IamSMEofIndia visited Dhaka for four days in December 14. The delegation of IamSMEofIndia under the leadership of Mr. Rajiv Chawla left a positive impact on SME Associations, Financial Institutions and entrepreneurs at large with a strong message of SME development and an inclusive growth. This International delegation was a huge success and created euphoria among SMEs in Bangladesh and raised tremendous hope among them for their growth. The focus of the visit and various programs held in Bangladesh created a strong bonding among IamSMEofIndia and various institutions and SMEs in Bangladesh, and this bonding was meant to see growth and progress of SMEs in Bangladesh in the times to come.

The main seminar on “SME Development-Role of an effective SME Association” organized by Bangladesh Bank & BIBM in association with DCCI, IDEB, RDA (Bogra), CIRDAP and BWCCI, was presided over by Secretary Planning, as Chief Guest. Dr Toufic Ahmad Chowdhury of BIBM chaired the Seminar, and amongst the distinguished guests in the seminar were present, FBCCI President Kazi Akhram Uddin, Deputy High Commissioner of India Mr Sandeep Chakraorty, Mr Sabur Khan of Daffodil University, Mr Aftabul Islam of AMCHEM, Mr Shahidur Rahman of DCCI, Mr Selim R.F Hossain of IDLC, Mr Kibriya, DMD of BASIC Bank Ltd, Mr Helal Uddin of FBCCI, Ms Selima Ahmad of BWCCI, Dr Ceceef Effendi of CIRDAP, Mr Hamid of IDEB.

The 3 organizations viz. DCCI, IDEB and BWCCI, signed MOU with IamSMEofIndia. Interviews of Chairman, Mr. Rajiv Chawla and Chairperson of Women Entrepreneur Cell (WEC), Mrs. Jaya Goel with ATN, Bangla TV were aired. The theme of talk show of ATN Bangla was “SME2SME Partnership between India and Bangladesh”.

Bangladesh Delegation to IamSMEofIndia in February, 2015

After the huge success of our visit to Bangladesh, a 16 member strong delegation of entrepreneurs nominated by the Hon’ble Governor of Bangladesh Bank visited India in February, 2015 for a week.

The delegation hosted by IamSMEofIndia, was taken through various extensive and intensive training sessions on how to set-up an Sustainable and Scalable Industry Institution, Role of an Industrial Association and Vision of IamSMEofIndia, Leadership Development, Project Management, Techniques to make Business Fun, Credit Facilitation, Cyber Security, Web Portal Operations, Personality Development, Team Building for an Association, Effective Leadership, Tod-Phod-Jod (Technology Development / Transformation), Energy Efficiency & Solar Power, Preparation for Exports & International Exhibitions, and Various other Projects successfully run by IamSMEofIndia.

During their stay in India, the entrepreneurs from Bangladesh got opportunities to meet the Chairman & Managing Director of NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation Limited), Acting Chairman and General Manager, SIDBI (Small Industrial Development Bank of India), General Manager, District Industries Centre, Established Entrepreneurs and local Politicians. The visiting delegation was also taken to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, for three days where they could attend an SME Focused Seminar organized by Poornima University, and participate in B2B meetings apart from sight-seeing and shopping.

The visiting delegation also got to see a special show organized by WEC (Women Entrepreneur Cell) of IamSMEofIndia.

Dream Coming True …..

The committed team of entrepreneurs worked restlessly after leaving India, and ensured that the knowledge shared by IamSMEofIndia team was well utilized. The teams on either sides of the border were remained in regular touch, exchanged thoughts and views. Within just five months, the time has come when the Common Dream of many entrepreneurs of the two beautiful neighbouring countries is coming true.

IamSMEofIndiaBangladesh is slated to be formally launched on 29th July, 2015.

Team IamSMEofIndia will be there in Bangladesh to witness this occasion when a historical chapter will begin that the future generations of entrepreneurs will thank us for.