23 Feb: Financial Statement is our Business Horoscope. Let’s learn to write our own destiny



Essentials of Good Financial Statements
Financial Statement is your Business Horoscope that defines its future. So compose it well.
Understand the unforeseen Financial Risks in Business and how to minimise such Risks.

व्यापारसम्बंधितभविष्यमेंउत्पनहोसकनेवालेअदृष्टएवंअनिश्चितवित्तीयखतरोंको समझें वकैसेकमकरें

Special Session by
Mr Rajive Chawla, Chairman, IamSMEofIndia
CA Sangeet Gupta

23rd February 2019, Saturday
11am – 1.00 pm

IamSMEofIndia Habitat Center
Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad

Followed by Lunch
Registration Fee: NIL

SMS ‘Good Financials- your email id’ to 9711123111

Are you struggling with following issues ?

• Banks, NBFCs, Financial Institutions are shy of giving you loans
• Your existing Bankers are not enhancing your CC limits or giving you New Term loans
• You find that your rate of interest is higher than other borrowers in the same Bank.
• New Banks or NBFCs are not keen to take over your existing loans
• While your business is old and established, you have given sufficient Collateral Security to your Bank, yet they are not extending additional loans for your expansion
• You have good orders but you are still struggling to convince Financial Institutions to invest in you
• You have good Profits in your balance sheets and P&L Accounts, yet your Banker is shy of providing additional funds and you are struggling to convince Financial Institutions for more loans

Learn the following

· What does a Bank or Financial Institution look at in your Balance Sheets and Financials
· What makes them decide whether they’ll provide you additional funds
· What shall attract new Banks/ Financial Institutions to take over your loans at lower rates
· What makes good & attractive Financials
· How to prepare your business for Fund Raising for Future Expansion
· Importance of Good/ Strong Financials
· Impact of Good/ Strong Financials on your future Growth
· Importance of Financial Ratios, Cash Flow and Taxes
· Learn to Write your own future

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