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"Present belief is that Visionary Enterprises are Innovative Enterprises. But I observe and see the speed of innovation accelerating from millions of years to centuries, decades, years and now each day, each moment. And single biggest thing that has accelerated the speed of innovation is IT. So I believe and say that Visionary Enterprises are IT enabled, IT savvy and IT driven!"- Rajiv Chawla

IamSMEofIndia kickstarts
for Entrepreneurs in Manufacturing & Services Sector

It is an initiative to help the MSMEs become more Efficient, Productive and reach global markets by use of IT Tools and Applications.

Under this initiative, we have started IamSMEofIndia ReDe Centre which shall help Entrepreneurs understand and adopt various IT Tools and Applications which are growth accelerators and take a small enterprise on fast-forward mode.

ReDe Centre has presently engaged a full-time Team of 12 Technology Specialists led by Kaushal Kumar Tripathi, backed by more than 60 IT Specialists supporting from outside, to help our members develop, customize and adopt suitable IT Tools that may accelerate their Growth and enhance Profitability!

The Centre provides the following Services:
1. Website Development, Maintenance and up gradation
2. SEO and e-marketing
3. Development of complete E-commerce platforms with Mobile Apps
4. Develop android/ iOS APPs
5. ERP installation & implementation
6. Bar-coding
7. i-Box: Business software to auto handle customers, enquiries, follow-ups, MIS and more
8. Web-Hosting Services at fraction of the costs
9. Design, Productivity and Energy saving Softwares and Solutions
10. Safety, Security, RFID and many Solutions
11. Much more to come...

How to proceed:
1. Write to us or call us and fix a meeting with ReDe Specialists. Discuss with them your present and future business plans
2. They'll see your present IT utilization, foresee your future IT requirements as per your business plan, and prepare stage-by-stage plan
3. Rede Team shall present to you the road-map with milestones and budget
4. Arrange for you the available Subsidies and Financial support from Govt. & other institutions (Subject to availability, Eligibility and Terms & Conditions)
5. Develop, implement, maintain and work with you as your own IT Team & Partner

Needless to mention, this exercise should enable the MSMEs to grow and compete in the national and international markets.

Since IamSMEofIndia is a not-for-profit body and aggregates the demands of MSMEs, the costs at which you avail of these services are only a fraction of the market prices.

As our resources are limited, we invite Registration from 30 MSMEs willing to learn, adopt and grow with IT Tools and Internet of Things!

We invite Engineering & Technology Institutions to engage their students with our ReDe Centre as Trainees and Interns.

We'll give practical training to these students and place them as interns in various Enterprises for short-term (3 to 6 months). The students shall help the small enterprises develop, implement and maintain IT tools under Supervision and guidance of our Specialists.

Building Progressive, Competitive, Sustainable MSMEs

Proud to say, IamSMEofIndia

Write to:
IamSMEofIndia ReDe Centre ; +91-9711101666


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