Preventive Safety and Security-Surveillance of Premises


LAUNCH of Preventive Safety and Security through 24X7 Surveillance of Premises!

Every passing day we hear and read about instances of Theft, Burglary, Arson etc. CCTV Cameras and use of various Technologies is becoming popular.
CCTV footage is often used in investigations and helps apprehend the culprits.
But, Can we make this tool a Preventive Step which STOPS the mishappening from taking place?

It's possible only if the CCTV Cameras are monitored Professionally 24X7. In case of any abnormality, theft taking place, intruders breaking in, opening locks, climbing walls middle of the night, or any fight, any fire, anything abnormal or criminal that is observed, the Surveillance Team can IMMEDIATELY, THEN & THERE call you, or Police or Security Guards so as to check the mishappening itself from taking place, thereby playing a Preventive Role.
Even instances of Fire etc. can be detected in time and controlled immediately at the initial stage, thereby controlling the losses.

IamSMEofIndia has launched a Special Surveillance and Monitoring Cell in Collaboration with iServe.

Services offered:

1. Site Survey, Risk Assessment, Installation of good Quality CCTV Cameras at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES and connection to High Speed Internet through dedicated Lease Lines/ RF Towers
2. 24X7, Day & Night Monitoring of Cameras by Highly Trained Security Experts at Control Room
3. In Case of any EMERGENCY, The Monitoring Experts call you, send alarm signal to alert you or your staff or call Police-FIRE Control Rooms.
4. Also introducing the on-site support by sending Rescue Team, If Required
5. Sending daily report of inside working also... If Guards or Workmen Sleep or come late or sit idle (Enhances the Productivity).
6. Specially useful for festival days like Holi, Diwali, during long holidays etc. when there is no one at your premises.
7. RELIABLE Service backed by TECHNOLOGY and Dedicated Team!
8. You can get daily Reports about your Construction Sites, Machine Shops, Stores, Cash Handling, Fire-Prone Areas, Hazardous zones, workshops, Shop-Floors, Receptions, Boundary Walls, Raw Material/ Finished Goods Godowns and areas where you want extra surveillance and wish to be monitored 24X7.
9. Services offered for Factories, Godowns, Shops, Commercial Sites, Residence, Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Banks and Others.

a) Installation of Cameras, Cable Costs on Actual basis.

b) Monitoring Cost: 
Since IamSMEofIndia, A Not-for-Profit Section 25 Company brings this service to its Micro, Small & Medium Sized Member units and working on the Principles of Economy of Scale so as to make it AFFORDABLE even for the smallest unit, we have kept the Monitoring rates to ONLY Rs.9000/- per month for 24 hours (3-Shifts) for Monitoring of 8 Cameras at one site.

Special Rates of Only Rs.8100/- per month for Members of IamSMEofIndia.

c) Maintenance of Cameras are included in the Service. 
For additional Cameras, Rs.900/- Only per Month.
Service Tax Extra

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