Special Discounts for our Members on General Insurance

  • Lowest Premiums (Fire, Stock, Motor Cars & Vehicles, Other risks)
  • Door step, Efficient service. 
  • Fast & Time bound processing of Claims
  • Applicable to All our members located anywhere in India
  • RIGHT advice at the time of Coverage
  • Cash-less services, where applicable
Just call +91-9711123111 or e-mail to


1) SMS to +91- 9711123111or e-mail to
2) For renewal of old policy, send a scanned copy of present policy through e-mail.
3) Our Authorized Insurance representative may contact you in case more details are required.
4) If premium amount and terms are acceptable to you, pay premium directly to our authorized insurance associates.
Insurance and Risk Management: 
  • You can e-mail calendar of your present policies.
  • Our Insurance Associates shall maintain your portfolio and remind you in time for renewal, so that your policies do not lapse and there is no gap.
  • They'll send you their quote in advance you so can compare, see savings and/or advice
# No-claim bonus as applicable and the continuity of policy and coverage of existing features/ old diseases shall continue as per the guidelines of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India)
In case of any delay in service or any complaint, please e-mail to
(Insurance is the Subject Matter of Solicitation)

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